Twitter now lets you upload iOS live photo as a GIF: Here’s how it works

Twitter now lets you upload ios live photo as a GIF

Twitter is a social networking site which enables you to upload your thoughts, views on society or personal moments shared among friends and let your followers know about you via the things mentioned above. You can upload write-ups, videos, pics etc. Now your followers can easily see these uploads and can react to it via comments. This helps erase the distance and lets people know about your well being and lets you see what people think of you. It is also used for American microblogging. A message sent on twitter is known as a tweet.

Well, the concept of a tweet is a bit different from other social networking sites. A tweet is visible to all your followers, unlike Facebook etc. where a message is private. Most celebrities have twitter accounts and their tweets affect the sentiments of the fans in many ways. The sign of twitter is a white bird in a blue square.

All social networking sites allow you to upload the pic, videos and gifs. But the ancient era did not have much fun for iPhone users as their live pictures could not be uploaded as live images instead of as still images. But now there is good news for all the iPhones users. With the introduction of a new feature of Twitter to convert live photos into GIFs and upload it, all the iPhone users can rejoice as their unique live photos can now get a place in social media platform.

Live photos are something like that makes the photographs living as it was shown in the Harry Potter series. Yes, the picture becomes full of life; they are like videos. Short videos said to be GIFs. This feature is only available on the apple camera that snaps live images. But when it was uploaded, the charm of those photos was just taken away as it was uploaded as still pictures. Then there was an introduction on the way, i.e. if you want to upload live images then you have to convert the photos to GIFs by using many different applications and then upload the GIF to the platform. But this increased the overhead.

Twitter’s new announcement says that the iPhone users can upload the live photos as GIFs directly, there is no need to convert it and then upload which of course save time and overhead. It can be done by only one touch on the GIFs button.

Earlier, they were only able to upload the still photos, and could not show off their phone’s cool feature of capturing live pics. But from now every iPhone user will be able to share iOS live photos as gifs, which make our work easy and time-saving. So far, the question arises how to do this and as it is stated earlier, this is only for iPhone users- it is like a boon for them. If you are not an iPhone user, still you can know how cool the feature is.

How to post Live Photos as GIFs

Follow the steps below to post your live photos on twitter.

  1. First, open the Twitter application on your phone. Make sure that the data on the mobile should be on, and your phone is connected to an active internet connection.
  2. When the twitter app is logged in a new page will open. Now select the camera icon in the uploads section. Your phone gallery will open wherein you have live photos.
  3. Now select the live picture, you want to upload.
  4. After selection when the photo opens, click the GIF button, the photos will be transferred as a GIF.
  5. Now your live photos are ready to be uploaded and shared among your followers.
  6. Press the upload button, and here you go. Your live photos are shared.

Wrapping Up

There are many applications like Facebook, Instagram etc. but twitter is the best among all because anyone can write the tweet by using any language. Twitter allows you to follow your preference. This site is having the highest number of celebrity users, and you have to make some friends if you find anyone interesting follows them. You can also unfollow them if you don’t see anything interesting.

Twitter is the only social site which always tries to be updated. Twitter keeps on launching many versions every now and then to maintain the privacy or to keep it entertaining. So now enjoy your life with these new age photographs, and when you upload it, you will get a right amount of likes and lovely comments because now they can feel the emotions used while capturing the photographs quickly. And you can do it by very few simple and easy steps as mentioned above, and it really is time-saving.

Hope it is much helpful to you. So, go ahead and fix it.

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