After the indoxxi was officially closed, out there was a lot of information circulating that the screenark21 or lK21 was also closed by the Minister of Communication and Information because these 2 sites had indeed become the most popular place for pirated film streaming in Indonesia

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It is true that there is one site with the name of the screen 21 that has been closed by the government. Namely which link can not be opened until this moment

Is it true that is the original glass screen 21 site?



Even if true, we are very confident that layarkaca21 has a cloning site that is still online on the internet

From what we know, screen glass 21 was first online using the link, then continues to change links until now

If true screenark2121 is the original link from the site, we can be sure that the Glass Screen is still accessible and still faithfully provides the latest free movie watching service without having to go to the movies.





The last time we visited this website, screen glass 21 was not too updated with the latest box office movie cinema due to the busy removal of the film server as a result of the closure of the widely used Rapidvideo this site

When we made this article, you can open the latest screen reader 21 link at which is the latest domain from LK21

Update: If the domain cannot be accessed because it’s blocked, please open it via another link that you can check on the alternative subtitles link below

Or you can also visit an alternative site that is no less good that we have included at the end of the article

As additional information for those of you who don’t know why this site is the most popular place to watch online movies other than Indo Xxi

Here is a little profile data on website

Country of Origin Film: This site provides films from various countries but most of them are from France, Germany, India, China, Canada, Japan, USA, England, and Korea. Whereas for Asian countries like Thailand and Malaysia only around 50 dozens of films

Film Genres: Action, adventure, Comedy, Animation, Anime, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Thriller, Crime, and Sci-fi are the most complete genres, each with thousands of movie collections available.

Weaknesses: Few provide Indonesian films



Alternative links are widely used by pirated film sites such as Ganool, IndoXXI, Dutafilm, Dewabioskop and also LK21. This link serves as an anticipation if their domain is blocked

Well, this alternative LK21 link is only a Address Address IP address Website that you can open at on your browser


Although we call the web that we recommend below is just an alternative site, but this domain name is quite popular among online movie theater lovers

The domain name used is the same as the screen glass site 21. It’s just that we do not know for sure whether this site is a web cloning that also belongs to the original LK21 or not

Apart from all that, we highly recommend this site if the 21 xxi glass screen is completely closed






To visit this site you can open it on the link in your browser.

Not only in terms of appearance is similar to the glass screen. This site also has a complete collection from various countries, but unfortunately it also does not provide Indonesian films

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