IndoXXI, Bioskopkeren, Dutafilm and Layarindo have been closed. Which sites are the best places to download the latest xxi cinema films complete with sub Indo in 2020?

In 2020 many new sites have emerged with the same concept as IndoXXI. That provides a link to download movie files at the same time can watch streaming for free with full HD quality.

Please note that most free movie web services on the internet have a very complete collection for western films, or more popularly we call it Box Office Movie.

What about Indonesian, Indian and of course Korean films that are currently very popular with the Drakor?

Don’t worry, because of the 20 sub-Indo movie download sites that we recommend here, some of them are chosen by looking at how many Indonesian, Drakor and Indian films are on the site.

In addition, through this page we have also prepared some of the best sites for those of you who like Anime and Drakor.

Which site suits you best? Check the full review below






We think Cinemaindo is already worthy of being aligned with the Indoxxi website, because it does not only provide cinema films from the box office movie category which is dominated by the Hollywood film industry

On Cinemaindo you can download the latest and old films from various types of films and countries including: Thailand, Indonesia, India (Bollywood), Korean Drama (Drakor), Anime, and many more

The following is a collection of film data by country that is most widely published by Cinemaindo

  • Film Indonesia: Sebanyak 1250 film terbaru dan lama
  • Canada: 2000+ koleksi film
  • Francis: 1900 lebih
  • Jerman: 1238 film
  • India: Hampir mencapai 1500 film
  • Jepang: 2000 lebih
  • Inggris: 3035 film
  • USA: 19600 film

The latest link from Cinemaindo is no longer, but on




At the beginning we mentioned that IndoXXI was closed. But why did we put IndoXXI on the list of the best movie download sites? Here it is our reason

To our knowledge, the original indoxxi site link is then moved the domain to the domain name with the ip address

While the new IndoXXI site’s ip address is

Regardless whether this new indoxxi site is a move from the original indoxxi or not, after we check further it turns out that this latest indoxxi has a complete film collection especially for the latest cinema films both indonesian and western

Curious? Open the latest indoxxi website 2020 at the following link or it could be at




Do you want to add a collection of films currently showing in theaters? GudangMovies is the place. This site provides many of the latest 2019 and 2020 films, all of which you can download for free as much as you like.

On the front page display, it only provides categories and searches for users.

But after opening one of the films, then the choice arises based on the year of release from 2014 – 2019 which has reached more than 1000 films

Maybe because it just moved the domain or somehow, none of the ads installed except the Pop Up ad that opens after clicking play






Don’t fall in love too quickly on one site.

If you have been idolizing LK21 and indoxxi as a place to download movies, then you don’t know Cinemakeren

In Cinema Keren you can download the latest cinema movies to your heart’s content with the best quality (Full HD) without having to search srt files for sub Indo separately.

The most prominent advantages of Cinema Keren are:

Fast access, clean site display, a very easy way to download both via cellphone and PC.

Even much easier when compared with Indoxxi, Layarkaca21, Ganool, or dutafilm though

The absence of Indonesian films and the absence of navigation by film search by country are of less value than Cinemakeren





Dutaindoxxi comes with a design that is almost the same as the indoxxi site. We do not know for sure whether this site is part of the original indoxxi that has been closed by the government or not

Apart from all of that, we recommend dutaindoxxi because it’s worthy to be included in the list of the best sites in 2020 because

  • Saving or downloading movies on dutaindoxxi is very easy
  • The frequency of updates is quite rapid especially for new films that are still showing in theaters
  • Also providing anime, tv series and drama series (Drakor)
  • The film collection is quite complete, although not as much as indoxxi, screenark21 and ganoo
  • Quick site access
  • Besides downloading, you can also watch streaming




Zenomovie may not be as popular as indoxxi and filmapik, but Zenomovie could be the next best choice if elsewhere doesn’t provide the film you’re looking for.

When trying to access, many films that are quite foreign we found on Zenomovie

In terms of appearance, Zenomovie is quite user friendly with a lack of advertising. Only one friendly (not annoying) widget ad and one pop up ad.

The genre is also very diverse, ranging from war films, action, adventure, animation, anime, history and other genres that we commonly find on several movie download sites


The next recommendation is some of the most popular sites in Indonesia which are still open

Because the following website is often blocked, therefore if the site address that we provide in text form cannot be opened, click the link link in the site name for more information.



Ganool is a film streaming website that has been popular for a long time.

Ganool often moves links and changes domain names because they are always blocked by the MoCI

Because it has been online a long time, the number of movie collections need not be asked anymore.

In addition to the many Hollywood films included in the top box office movie, in Ganool you can search for the latest to long-standing films from various Asian countries such as Indonesia, Korea, India, Japan, Thailand, China or Mandarin and others.

The most complete film genres in Ganool include: Comedy, Drama, Horror, Romance, and Action.

Overall, the Ganool site has published around 50 thousand film collections from various countries and genres including anime series

Ganool’s newest link:



Didn’t have time to go to the XXI Cinema to watch a movie? Layarkaca21 the solution

Besides Ganool, LK21 is the most popular site with a very large number of visits per month. Want to know the reason?

This site has been online for a long time. Automatic films that you can download or watch are very many choices, around 50 thousand more titles, most of which are available in HD and Sub Indo quality.

If you like Hollywood and Bollywood cinema action, war, horror and other genres, or martial arts films from mandarin, LK21 is perfect for your taste

The LK21 streaming watching website does not provide Indonesian cinema films (big screen), but if you like FTV SCTV, you can also visit the Layarkaca21 site

The latest Layarkaca links can be accessed at or



The next most complete sub indo movie download site is BioskopKeren.

Besides watching and downloading, there you can see the schedule of Korean dramas and TV Series

The advantage of cool cinema according to the admin is that the download process is relatively easy when compared to other sites.

We recommend this site, especially for you HP users and are still unfamiliar or not accustomed to downloading movies

At Keren Cinemas there are no pop up ads or floating ads, so don’t worry about misclicking.

Although the way to download movies in the cinema is already relatively easy, if you are still confused, there is already a direct guide on the web that is installed at the top of the page




For those who don’t want to be left behind with the latest films, both Indonesia and the West or Abroad, Duniafilm21 can be used as a favorite hangout for watching online as well as downloading.

Based on experiments by playing 4 films randomly with different release years, all Indonesian subtitles are available.

This means that there is no need to worry about subtitle matters




Indofilm is an online watching site and free download of Cinema 21 films with the best quality complete with Indonesian subtitles

Although this site uses the name indofilm, it does not mean that it only provides films from Indonesia

As you can see in the screenshot above, besides indofilm western films, there are many Asian films available

In addition to HD and sub-indo quality, the advantage of indofilm is a very easy way to download via cellphone, even more so if you access via PC

You can open the latest indofilm link at




Confused looking for HD quality movies? Dewa Cinema we recommend the most because almost 100% of the films are available in the best quality

From the look of the Website similar to indoxxi it’s just that many ads are installed at the top of the page, but the good side of this site is not to put up Pop Up ads

The movie collection at Dewa Cinema is very complete where the download link to Google Drive makes the download process faster than other cloud storage




The next best choice is Apik Film. Besides Box Office Movie, FilmApik also updates with the development of Korean drama which is one of the best-selling genres in 2020.

At the top of the page, there is navigation by genre, country, most popular and search column to make it easy for visitors to search by title or actor and artist


In some xxi cinema movie sites that we have recommended above, many also provide anime. But if it is incomplete, here are the best anime sites, according to admin Lastafella




Who doesn’t know Samehadaku whose name is legendary among animers.

Samehadaku is a web that only provides download links without online watching service.

On Samehadaku you can download the latest and older anime which is one link for one episode

For the latest links and guidance on how to download, we’ve posted them in a separate article. Please check through the following link: Samehadaku




Meonime might not be as popular as Samehadaku, but Meonime has several advantages over other anime download sites, i.e.

  • The way to download is very easy
  • Besides downloading, you can watch anime on this site
  • Light and fast access makes Meonime easy to open on mobile
  • Most of the anime is available sub indo with various quality choices from HD 1080p, HD 720p, and 480p
  • Available download links per episode and batch download

Alamat situs:




Dramaserial not only presents Korean dramas but drama films from various countries, especially Asia such as China, Thailand, and some from the west

How to download the drama series is not too difficult because this site does not put pop up ads

In Dramaserial you can also watch online directly and have more than one flayer so that if one player interrupt, you can choose another player

Link Website :



PAHE.IN is the most complete place to download xxi, anime, drakor, and tv series cinema from all the sites that we have recommended on this page.

The reason we don’t put in the top position is because this site is not a streaming site. This means that this website purely only provides movie and subtitle file links which can be downloaded separately through the subtitle provider site

Until we publish this article, has more or less published over 12 thousand film contents.

All of them are complete with external links to download srt subtitle files in Indonesian




Want to find an old Indonesian film in the 80-90s? Layarindo may be the best choice for you to visit.

Besides following the latest film development trends, Layar Indo presents many older films from the era of Barry Prima, Eva Arnaz, Yurike Prastika and comedy actors such as Ateng, Iskak, Kadir, Doyok, S Bagio etc.

After searching through the search menu, Layar Indo has a collection of almost 5,000 films from various countries and genres

So complete but why don’t we recommend it in the beginning? Because Layarindo is less suitable for beginners & mobile users. Besides the many deceptive advertisements, the download process is relatively difficult



In terms of genre and country of origin film collections, Pusatfilm21 is highly recommended.

In addition to being up to date with the latest releases, the quality (film resolution) provided is also good, which is mostly available in HD whether it’s 720 or 1080p.

Ads and how to download which are relatively difficult to be of less value than the film center21.

But if you just want to stream, it doesn’t seem to matter to visit Pusatfilm21



filmbagoes21 deserves to occupy the best row to download and watch streaming especially for those of you Indonesian film lovers in particular

In addition to providing various genres of Indonesian films, you can also watch films from other countries such as America, Thailand, Korea, etc. with 100% free HD quality



Having a collection of more than 4350 films, Moviegan is the last best place we recommend in 2020.

Slightly different from the previous site, Moviegan is a special website that provides download link services without streaming

This site provides Indian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese and Thai films with HD quality, all of which are already equipped with Indonesian subtitle links

Besides Box Office Movie, you can also download TV series, anime and Drakor

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