Top 7 Key Tips on How to Turn Articles Into Videos

Turn your articles into videos, but keep these things in mind: Do you own a blog page? Do you write articles for one? Is it too tedious? Want to make videos instead? But don’t know how? Need some tips? Well, look no further, because here is all you need to know about turning articles into videos!

Before we start, let’s clear up any prevailing doubts. Why should you turn your well-written articles into videos? Articles give you a sense of order and videos scream messy! But can your article get you the engagement a video can? You know the answer. According to a study republished by Forbes, “91% of consumers now prefer interactive and visual content over traditional, text-based or static media.” So, unless you are striving for the remnant 9% audience, let’s get started!

How to Turn Articles Into Videos

How to Turn Articles Into Videos


  1. Divide & Rule

Much like what the Britishers did with religion in India, you must divide the content of your article into subtopics to get a better grasp on it. Don’t let the content overwhelm you, control it. For instance, the topic of your article is ‘how to get into ABC college’ then your subtopics can be ‘fill out the application form’, ‘get good grades in 12th’ or ‘grow up’. Whatever suits your fantasy. YouTube lets you divide videos into chapters, name each chapter with the subtopic to get the ‘sense of order’.


  1. Cut the Crap

You love writing too much. You don’t cut unnecessary parts during editing because they are ‘quite necessary’ according to you. So, you put all of it on the internet. Do not do that when you turn you articles into videos. People might like lengthy articles but babbling videos are just too much. Too much! No, they’re not cute. People don’t have time for, ‘I’d friend who went to ABC college for her BA Hons., studying fancy literature. Reading books and stuff. Like, how can you have time read so many books, people. Anyways, what was I talking about? Yeah, right. Fancy literature.’ You got it, cut the crap.


  1. Get more Visual

You’re making a video. How does it get more visual than that? I hear you. I mean images, graphics, stats, etc. Trust me, you don’t want your audience to see only your face while you talk and talk and talk because you ignored tip no. 2 ‘cut the crap’. Don’t be drab. For instance, if you’re giving an introduction about the said ABC college, you can have a picture of its building pop up. You can use its logo or portray its statistical data in the form of graphs, pie charts, etc. 


  1. Don’t Beat Around the Bush

‘So, this other day, I woke up and saw in my DM questions about this particular college. Can you guess what the question were? No, that’s too tough. Can you guess what the college was? You can’t, I know. I win!’ 

Do not do that. Your audience does not want to guess meaningless quests. Just get in, give an intro of the articles you’re turning into a video, cover all the subtopics with all required explanation and ciao, adios, goodbye.


  1. It’s in the Music

Music is known to increase focus. Think of your favorite Youtubers, they use music too! Now, you need to stay away from copyrighted music unless you want a ban. Which I’m guessing you don’t. And to help with that, there are many sites that provide royalty free music for videos. Pick one you like and insert it in your video. It should be a soft background hum. Say no to your beloved death metal; it will drown out your voice.


  1. Nail that Thumbnail

So, thumbnail is not the nail on your thumb as the name itself suggests. It’s the picture you can see as a preview of the video beside or above the title. That thumbnail is a big deciding factor as it is the first impression you leave on your audience.

I don’t want to get into ABC college. I’ve no interest in that area. But I see your thumbnail holding the ABC college brochure with ‘wanna get into that?’ written over your head in a beautiful font and I like it. So, I watch the video anyway.


  1. What Floats your Boat

Do what you gotta do, man. The internet is not the place to be afraid. If you put yourself out there, you’ve already agreed to getting ‘constructive criticism’ which might not be constructive all the time. But find your thing. Your niche thing is what will get you more audience. Find your secret ingredient. A signature move. [with all due respect do not dance in the ‘how to get into ABC college’ article turned into a video]. Be messy, because that’s what videos are all about.


Is that all? Yes! Are you ready to turn your articles into videos? Yes! Are you ready to go from order to messy? Yes! Are you ready to have your engagement blown? Yes! Are you ready for it all? Yes! Well, then grab that camera, and start now! 


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