How to Install Google Chrome Web Browser on Debian 10 Linux

Debian is a famous, secure and accessible computer operating system that formulates its base on Linux kernel and some other components imbibed from the GNU project. For downloading Debian 10, users can use internet, and from CD it can be downloaded at a nominal rate. There has been a new update in the version of Debian, called Debian 10 which released on 16th November 2019. Although it’s available for download quite easily, installing it can get a little tricky. This article will give you insights into step by step procedure for installing Debian 10 from Google Chrome. Chrome is an internet platform developed by Google which can be run on iOS, Windows, Linux, macOS and Android.

Before starting with the downloading of Debian, the user needs to have Debian 10 with root privileges and internet connectivity at high speed.

The user needs to login on the platform and updates it using the command ‘apt-get update’. After completion of this step, download the .deb packages from Chrome. The power for the same is as follows-

cd /tmp


This step is a little time taking, so the user must comply with the time-consuming procedure. If anyhow, wget isn’t functional on the user’s PC, then they can install it by utilising the command

apt install wget

The user needs to install the .deb packages on Chrome after downloading it. After completion of the above-stated step, give the following commands have at the terminal:

apt install ./google-chrome-stable_current_amd64.deb

When the system asks for a confirmation, the character Y has to be entered, and this procedure will take around 5-10 minutes.


Once there has been a successful installation of Debian, it has to be launched from Chrome. At the terminal, run the command given below with ordinary user privileges:



If by any chance, the user wants to remove Google Chrome from the system, the same can be done by evoking the following command

apt purge google-chrome-stable


Again, a confirmation prompt will pop-up in which the user needs to type Y from the keyboard. to ensure successful removal, test by entering the following command


An error notification will pop up stating, no such directory or file exists.

If the user has followed all the listed steps ahead, they will surely be able to utilize Debian 10. Debian has some perks not offered by its counterparts. The perks include easy installation; it has the best packing system and humongous amount of compatible software. Many times installation of a new software crashes the system, but courtesy to Debian 10, nothing of this sort would happen. Dpkg, Debian’s robust packing system makes sure that the software is compatible and doesn’t hamper the functioning of the system. One additional fact about Debian 10 is, it has more than 59000 different pieces of software, which is available free of cost. There is a predefined installer in Debian 10 which could install the software and make it ready for use. Debian 10 is surely ready to set new benchmarks in the field of OS and making use of this article would be beneficial in the installation of Debian 10.



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