Hide What You’re Listening To on Spotify So Your Friends Don’t Make Fun of You

Are you looking to hide your activity on Spotify, if yes then you are at the right place.

In this article, you would get complete information about how you can hide your activity on Spotify and play anything you want without the stress of being caught. As we all know that collection available on Spotify and if someone wishes to fulfil his/her guilty pleasures, then it could be done on Spotify.

The only problem with fulfilling your pleasures is that anyone from your family who is following your account on Spotify can know about what your interest is, there are various ways available to hide your activities on Spotify.

Inside your Spotify app in iOS and Android, you can hide your activity by selecting privacy session, making a secret playlist for yourselves, by prohibiting all social sharing. In this way, you can stop everyone from looking into your recent activity and could listen to your favourite songs easily.

How to Turn Off Spotify Listening Activity

You can easily hide your activity using three options :

  • Listening Activity: when you disable this option, all your activity on Spotify is invisible, including playlists, station, albums and everything.
  • Privacy session: As the name describes, in this session all of your activity which you made just after switching this option on is made invisible from all other peoples and it works till the time you close the app, or you are not active for at least six hours, or you disable this feature manually.
  • Make secret: – In this mode too, your activity is hidden from others, but here your activity is only protected for the playlist that was selected by you while choosing this option and if you play music outside the selected playlist, your activities would be visible to others, until you use one of the two mentioned options.

Option 1:

Disable all listening activity

You have full right to stop your followers from seeing what your recent activities were, what you listened few minutes or hours ago just by turning off the “Listening Activity” feature in settings of your app. After entering in the app, click on “Home” tab at the bottom, then on the top right click on the cog icon.

It depends on which phone you are using, if you have an, I phone or Android phone, you can either tap on “Social” (iOS) or scroll down to social section (Android). “Listening Activity” is enabled by default, you need to turn it off.

Once you have switched off this feature, the person following your account cannot view your listening activity. And if you want to show your activity again, you need to enable it again.

Option 2:

Turn on the private session

If you want to hide your activity just for a limited period. The “Private session” option is available to do the same. Open Spotify app, tap on the “home” tab, select the cog icon on the top right. Now it depends on that you have I phone or Android phone, either you can tap on the social option in iOS, or you can scroll down and select the social section in Android.

After performing the steps mentioned above, select “Private session” which will grey out and disable “Listening Activity” if it on.

Now after performing these steps, you will see a black banner at the bottom which would display the message “Private session”. And as you read above, all your activities would get hidden from your followers temporarily.

“Private session” will turn off when you would close the Spotify app or after six hours of no use or when you turn it off manually by going through the settings.

Option 3:

Make your playlist secret

In case if you are having a playlist containing all your embarrassing songs, there is no need to hide all your activities. You can choose to turn it in secret one, by masking your listening activity only for that playlist.

Open the Spotify app, select “Your Library” option in the bottom right, select the playlist you wish to hide. Tap on the ellipsis icon in the top right. You will get several options, select “Make secret”. Then you will get a pop up which would say your playlist is secret now.

Now when you get that pop-up message, then it means that it wouldn’t be visible to anyone that you are listening to that playlist. But one thing to keep in mind that your followers would be able to see the songs which you are listening and which are not in your playlist too.

And if you want to make the playlist public again, select menu and tap on “Make Public”.

How to delete email messages on Galaxy S10 | Very easy steps to clear emails

These days email is an easy way to communicate with your friends or to your colleagues. The email application on your Samsung s10 makes it easier for you. You can manage and reply to emails on your fingertips. You won’t have to log in to your account every time. The email app on your phone keeps all the emails in respective folders for you.

Sometimes there are too many emails, and if you want to delete some of them so it will not be a hassle for you. I have jotted down, easy steps to delete email messages. Just follow these steps one by one, and you will be able to delete it very easily.

Here are the following steps-

  1. From your phone home screen, swipe up or swipe down from the center of the display. Then the app screen will open where you will find all the apps on your phone.
  2. If your phone is password protected, then it will ask for your password or your fingerprint authorization.
  3. Click on the email icon to launch it then sign in with your credentials.
  4. If you are already signed in your email app, then click on it and it will launch on your screen.
  5. On the screen, you will see different folders in your app, such as inbox, VIP, sent, trash, etc.
  6. Just click on the folder of which you want to delete the emails. Then all the emails will display on your screen.
  7. Hold your finger on any one of the emails, then it will be highlighted, and the icon before that email will be checked. If you wish to delete the email one by one, then you can check the emails after that.
  8. Then on the lower right you will see a delete option, tap on that.
  9. To confirm your action, click on delete, and your selected emails will be deleted.
  10. If you wish to delete all the emails at once, then on the left upper corner, there will be a tiny circle named “All” click on that.
  11. Then on the lower right you will see a delete option, tap on that.
  12. To confirm your action, click on delete, and your selected emails will be deleted.

If you wish to delete email from a different account, then switch your email account. Then on the upper left corner, there will be a menu icon, click on the menu icon on the upper left corner. Then select the appropriate account in which you want to perform the action.

So above are the easy steps to delete email messages. If you are having any problem in performing the same action, then feel free to go through the steps I have mentioned above, and you will be able to delete your email messages easily. Feel free to share your experience with us. Your suggestions are welcome in the Tech and Skill comment section.